Arno Stolz

born in 95 in Antwerp, discovered electronic music at the age of 12. He really started to djing at the age of 14 when he bought his first cd players.At the age of just 15 he started producing his own tracks, with his second release already picked up by the well known DJ & Producer 'George Morel', and released on his label 'Groove On'. Nowadays his music is influenced by the groovy tech and deep house sounds of his favourite artists like Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Neverdogs, Dubfire,...

Marc West

(Owner of Tech Recordings and Sublabel Black Dub Label).

He started out when he was verry little ..

As a young boy he was always looking for the best part of a song.

Marc West started with playing techno and minimal and after a while he started looking for the music with more soul. In 2000 / 2005 he created the first remixes and

started manipulating tracks who were difficult to mix ,and created this way

his own sound. The studio was based in Ghent, Belgium.till 2012 MarcWest kicks off its first remixes with a scrumptious cross--section of electronic and sticky club sound.

Gruw Frequency

a dj and producer based in Italy.

He start very young to play dj thanks to his talent and creativity. He's a very artistic dj, and very complete producer.

His music is a travel between funky, old school, deephouse, house, minimal and techno with some soulfuly and tribal imprint... A banger mix of sounds then will make the difference in studio, and on the dancefloor.

Being at first a DJ at private parties, he entered the club stage in Frankfurt and then, later on, he had successful gigs in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Shortly after that, he founded in 2000 the party theme “Bordercontrol”, lasting for 3 consecutive years in the Grotte Club of Frankfurt (Oder), where Andre Galluzzi, Sammy D, Marcel Dettmann and Tom Clark hosted the scene. In 2003 and together with his friends Mike Krüger and Josef Grün, Marco designed the musical hub “Ostathletik”. Being a live project at first, this platform grew to a network where young musicians could exchange contacts and produce music. At the same time, Marco began his own productions, which were partly influenced by Cari Lekebush, Misc, Marco Carola.  Marco developed his own style, characterized by a deep, technoHouse-like and minimal sound without leaving the groove out of the equation.


With a professional carreer under different alias for artists like Rennie Foster, Marco Bailey, Orlando Voorn & Carl Cox to just name a few, The Melodymann project's identity has deliberately kept secret to let his music speak for its own.

David Huys aka SWEET&SOUR born in Belgium in 1977 and decided to show the best of deep house, since childhood developed a passion for arts and music.

His love for the creation of rhythms , grooves and melodies grew over time, then he discovered Deep House and fell in love with this genre. Taking years to develop and create his own sound.

Starting on Amiga with the first Trackers and later on the MC303.

Now working in ableton Live as his prefered music platform.

Producing under different names and genres like DIPLOID / Quantumlovers / SWEET&SOUR and Notfatfellas / Tech Recordings / BlackDub Label

Dimster & Tigerri



Playfully reshaping sounds and constantly fiddleing with samples the duo that is GruuvElement's have created a sound that is recognized by party people on major dance floors all around the world. The two have made a statement with the power of simple basslines and a unique skill of streaming splendid vibes through their releases.


Romanian producer Dragos is a straight forward tech house producer with some surprising breaks and clean build ups,

Ilyas Clooz

Ilyas clooz born and raised in Antwerp.


Felix Rusconi

Dj / Producer from Argentina


Liza Flume

It starts with the smallest of sounds and it builds into songs that tell you more about yourself than you ever probably wanted to understand. Raw, quirky and a little off-kilter Liza Flume's unique presence draws you in. Her music is an eclectic build of uninhibited emotions caught beautifully by a voice that reveals the light and shade of what she's singing.


Label Manager/Producer/Dj Support by Marco Carola and many more . Owner of Locked Records , an electronic label aiming to promote deep and tech house music tracks


He started discovering the dupstep scene quite a while ago.

As a fulltime partycrasher he gained interest in creating music.

Back in 2012 I started with Dubstep productions.

Slow and steady he developed a passion for Minimal and Techno artist.

Luixar KL

Group formed by Luis Camargo aka Louis da K and Charlys Lopez with the most current Techno House Live

Ben Grunnell

A man’s passion can be directed towards any art-form, from the contemporary, to the underground. In a world saturated with artistic expression, Ben Grunnell’s clarity of sound resonates clearly and strongly. As a purveyor of electronic music, his musical output is fuelled by the self-fulfilled belief that we all have a message to share.

Andrea Rudi aka Coconut

An italian dj & producer born in Reggio Calabria The passion for music involves him as a child when it begins to appear in the rock world by following courses of guitar music at the music academy 'Mediterranean' of Reggio Calabria. At age 11 he loves the genre tribal following artists as JOE T VANNELLI and Claudio Coccoluto.Thus he began his career under the name Andy Growe that will take him in December of 2014 to reach the position number 7 in the Top 10 Beatport minimal with the EP entitled 'BACK' in collaboration with Enrico Fiorella. In March of 2015 instituisce its new brand 'COCONUT' born as a cultural movement.

Dany T.

A well-known dj and an eclectic producer, whose sound ranges from minimal to electronica to the latest techno, the same sound he proposes in his sets, which can drive the dancefloors crazy and get adrenalin pumping. That’s Daniele Tramontano aka Dany T.

He makes his debut on Radio Marte (a very popular radio in Campania, the region he was born) after gaining experience for several years between the end of the ‘80s and the beginning of the 90’s behind the decks of the most prestigious clubs in that area. After a short time he gets the chance to prove his skills in his greatest passion, techno,

Deep Dimension

Jimmy van de Geijn

Jeffrey Hek

Their vision on House // Tech House // Deep House // Techno

Residents @ Factory

Dennis Caressa

A small man with some restrictions, but on a musical level, he is flying high ! His lifeline started on the 25th of September 1987 and from early on in his live, he was moved by music. Initially he was into new beat and acid, but friends of him encouraged him to attend a techno party. As of that moment it was clear that Dennis Caressa wanted to be on a techno stage as a dj. A discovery journey into techno started. His big examples were Trish Van Eynde, Tom Hades and Marco Bailley, but as time moves on and more info comes in his musical preference started to change. Dennis got fascinated by Tech House and Minimal.


Marko P. alias Marx.P was born in Maribor, Slovenia

He was getting in touch with music at his very young years.

In 2002 as he finished the Highschool, Marko started his career

as a Mc on different electronic music events arround Slovenia Country

Mass Aamon,

Massimiliano Scarelli aka Mass Aamon, hailing from southern Italy, began his musical

career in 2005 getting a move on digital music production. Presently, he's DJ for an underground hip hop Italian group and for other national productons. In 2012 he joined the musical project techno: UNDERDOG. The mix of cultures and mindset leads to a very innovative idea of music; In effect, its careful record selection, create a pure party atmosphere.Now Aamon Mass expresses his musical idea in almost the entire Umbria region, waiting for the right proposal hhat will allow the story to move forward ..

Mr JamZen

A new alterego from producer and dj Mathiew houzen

Jamzen his sound is mellow,dub,house and mnml electronica .

Jack Solo

Deep vibing house, that is all.

Jay Mayer

house, progressive house, techno


The first contact Wahnsinn had with music would be a very long time ago. But if you ask him what artists he likes the most in his younger years, his answer would be the king of pop Michael Jackson or a piano genius like Wim Mertens. It’s no use to say that these artists were and still are very influential to anyone that knows them and loves music. Everyone has to start their love for music somewhere, and for Wahnsinn it started here.

Juan Bocca

Being a son of a musical minded Father (RIP) ... He learned all the basics from him ... His first setup was a taperecorder and a simple turntable without pitch control ... learned to work with these and some years later bought 2 turntables & one of the first Rodec's ... From there evolved to the digital scene with rebirth and cakewalk ... later on cubase & reason so he begun making music live instead of mixing ..

Le Dhan

Deep, House, Tech House, Techno, GROOVE from Mexico.

G. Sallens

Productor Musical #TechHouse #Techno

Ed Nomi

Ed Nomi is an Antwerp native whose music can be defined as: atmospheric, deep and with an extensive use of fx. He has been releasing music on since 2009 Growing up in Antwerp as a teenager, he was into techno but with time he got more into jazz and funk. In 2005 Ed Nomi began composing and producing music (experimental, soundscapes and jazz) for different bands like Phazon One, Darkvolt and Chameleons on the Run. Since 2009 he did many performances in bars, venues, museums and made some soundtracks for short films.

In 2013, Ed Nomi was introduced to Minimal Techno and felt an instant connection to the drive and vibe of Minimal, he immediately translated his sound palette and producing techniques to this kind of music. With a huge collection of hardware instruments it only took minimal (no pun intended) trial & error until something satisfying was created.

Dostech BeAt


Hola en esta pagina me podras contactar resivir informes sobre contrataciones de un servidor Fer Frias A.K.A Dostech Beat tambien recibiras los infores me

tech house/Techno.

Valentin Spinosa

DJ / PRODUCER from Argentina

Robert Kraftman

Dj/producer with much love for Tech-house, Techno, minimal and Deep-house

Luca Gerlin

DJ / PRODUCER from italy


Tonejammer (JP Shields) - Techno / House / Classic House/ Deep House / Tech House / Funk

The MatMat

Matteo Properzi aka The matmat, Class '91, born and raised with music in their blood.

Even as a child he loved to spend his time listening to every kind of music genre, thanks to his grandfather who was a big fan.

Growing up, he started going to the clubs Perugia and from there the road that heads had to go and chase; the music deep / tech house.Captured by the sound and magic of this musical genre, he bought his first consolle and so begins to play a game to its first private parties.Seeing the positive response of the people, opened new doors for him to start playing in clubs Perugine like Matrioska and Memento with her partner Luigi Occhibianchi under the name MGboys.Having always had a heart dj of the caliber of Sven Vath,Carl Cox e Seth Troxler , he decided to start producing his first songs with them and try to express all the love he has for music.Collaborates with various DJs and producers like Matteo Bini, Mass Aamon, The Good noise and Manages to escape with his first song "Before the storm" on a compilation Miami 15 thanks Tech Recordings label.The road is long and uphill, the productions are many but the desire and passion are not lacking in this boy who tries to bring his music around the world.


TechHouse / DeepHouse / Minimal

Remco’s style brushes on anything from trance to techno, making him an up and comer with a hell of a lot of potential.

Dj Mito

DJ / PRODUCER from Florida USA

Lauro Martins

Tech House, Deep Tech Producer & DJ

on labels like WTF!, Boiler Underground, Arch44, Blue Orb, Mad Music, and more.


his music is inspired by the 90's hip hop, the Native Tongues posse, the New Jack movement and the deep house scene.